Children - Molluscum Treat & Cure Guide

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  • Children often catch molluscum bumps from other children. While under the arms and in the arm pit is the most common location for mollusca in children, molluscum on the face is especially problematic.
  • A cluster of molluscum bumps and eczema near the genitals. Our Treatment reduced this in three days and eliminated the lesions completely in three weeks.
  • Highly contagious pus head molluscum is frequently scratched spreading the infection. This molluscum bump needs to be treated quickly and covered.
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Instant access to a detailed treatment guide specially designed for children and infants. At a loss with all the conflicting and contradictory information on treating molluscum available? You will find detailed information on how to use various natural products to treat molluscum. Information on the best methods to use your choose of clove oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil to beat molluscum. They are effective, easy to apply and do not stain linen or clothing. 

Using defined procedures the Treatment guides you through these targets:

Target 1: Stop the spread
Target 2: Dry the pus heads
Target 3: Heal the lesions without scarring
Target 4: Eliminate the infection
Target 5: Stop re-infection

You need to be diligent, consistent and use common sense and you will win through. Molluscum contagiosum can be beaten ... and if you need help we are just an email away.

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37 Reviews

  • 4
    Tried absolutely everything

    Posted by George on 3rd Sep 2023

    Best thing we found and we were in control of the process.

  • 4

    Posted by Lisa on 9th Oct 2020

    Easy to follow guide, more pictures would be good.

  • 5
    Waste of money

    Posted by Sabrina on 28th Apr 2020

    Money well spent. Best spent $10 ever. 2 toddlers with molluscum and 5 weeks later under control

  • 5
    Finally something that worked!

    Posted by Tiffany on 2nd Oct 2019

    I completely followed the guide and even though it was a lot of work it was well worth it! It took us about a month but now there is barely any trace that he even had a skin condition! So grateful I came across this website and so worth the $13!

  • 5
    This is the only thing that worked!

    Posted by Laura on 16th Jul 2019

    My daughter started getting these bumps and we were told there’s no real cure. But many moms, our pediatrician, and pharmacists gave us several ideas. We tried them all - cauterizing, apple cider vinegar, oatmeal baths and scrubs, not bathing them, etc.. nothing worked. The bumps only got worse and spread to her whole body. She is 3 and it was creeping up on summertime so we hated putting her in long sleeve shirts and pants and not letting her swim. We live where its hot and we have a pool. I decided to look on the internet (again) and I ran across this guide. The reviews were good, and I was desperate, so I bought it. I followed the guide and immediately saw results. Her body is almost COMPLETELY healed! It truly has been a miracle. We are so thankful I saw this article. She didn’t love the “treatments”, but she was brave, we stuck with it, and it worked!!!!

  • 5
    Working Wonders

    Posted by Jenny on 2nd Aug 2017

    I purchased this guide after a visit to the dermatologist who was in the room literally 3 minutes. He gave me two options. Cryosurgery or at home treatment with the acid. I wasn't happy with the options so I began researching myself. This plan is a Godsend! Pay the $13. You won't regret it. It is time consuming, but so are all the other options! My 13 year old daughter is gaining her confidence back daily as this treatment plan continues to work! Thank you so much for putting this plan together!!! I'm eternally grateful!

  • 5
    Fantastic treatment plan

    Posted by Naomi on 27th Feb 2017

    My 12 year old son came out with thousands of moluscums all over his body over one weekend. Our Doctor told us there was nothing we could do and we would have to wait for his natural immunity to cure him - possibly taking up to 4 years! I turned to the internet and discovered so much information, I didn't know where to start. I decided to purchase the treatment plan due to the positive reviews by other parents. I followed the plan exactly as it stated and after just one treatment I could see a difference with the molluscums. They were retreating rather than progressing to pus stage. It's been about 3 weeks now and all his mollusums are gone. We are at the maintenance stage now to make sure they don't return. I am absolutely amazed at how effective and economical this treatment was and I am truly grateful that we were able to help him, unlike our Doctor. Thankyou!!

  • 5
    Relieved Mom

    Posted by Cindy on 23rd Oct 2016

    It has been four weeks since I started treatment for my 9yrs old son. Before the skin on his inner arm was unrecognizable by the clusters of molluscum. After two weeks of treatment, some of the molluscum have diminished, some have died (scabbed over), and some were inflamed (needed extra attention). Today, majority of the molluscum are gone and the skin are clearer. I'm confident that in another week or two, the skin would be back to normal. I couldn't be happier with the results! Give this treatment a try. This could save you a lot of worthless doctor's visits and grief in watching your child suffer with this condition. The customer service is awesome. I had lots of questions midway thru the treatment and they were very prompt and courteous in responding to my concerns. I can't express how relieved I am. My son will no longer have to hide his arm under long sleeves or jacket anymore! I can't Thank You enough!

  • 5
    Clearing up

    Posted by Elssa on 12th Sep 2016

    I have been following the treatment for my 5yr old for only a few days and have been pleased that most of the areas are already clearing.

  • 5
    You really helped

    Posted by Laura on 10th Jul 2016

    Thank you so much again! I have been so sad and stressed about all this. I am so glad I decided to get your molluscum treatment guide for kids. You have really help me.

  • 5
    The best option

    Posted by Edith on 1st Jul 2016

    I work in a pharmacy and I have used all the expensive medications doctors have prescribed for my daughter. I was exhausted that nothing worked on her. Most of the medications the cost is $1000 and thanks to my boss who helped me getting them exactly what he paid for but like I said I didn't see any improvement with any of the creams. I took my daughter to her dermotologist every 2 weeks so she can burn the molescums which left big scars on her. After reading the ratings on your site I said well I spent almost $4000 and nothing happened so let me try this. $14.95 won't hurt. After purchasing the information and using exactly the way it was suggested I can not express my emotions. My daughter is so happy and free of that pain that I can not believe. After 2 weeks I see a major result. Its so nice to hear from an 8 year old "mom can you believe now I can go out and swim and I can wear my bathing suit and I don't have to worry about people asking me what happened". Thank you thank you million time for the info.

  • 5
    It works!

    Posted by Richard on 26th Jun 2016

    Thank you so much for having this treatment available. We had been to several doctors and a skin specialist with no effective results. The treatment in this document started working in a couple of days. Within 1-2 weeks the Molluscum was under control. I highly recommend you try it.

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