Children - Molluscum Treat & Cure Guide

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  • Children often catch molluscum bumps from other children. While under the arms and in the arm pit is the most common location for mollusca in children, molluscum on the face is especially problematic.
  • A cluster of molluscum bumps and eczema near the genitals. Our Treatment reduced this in three days and eliminated the lesions completely in three weeks.
  • Highly contagious pus head molluscum is frequently scratched spreading the infection. This molluscum bump needs to be treated quickly and covered.
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Instant access to a detailed treatment guide specially designed for children and infants. Natural products are the basis of the treatment. They are easy to apply and do not stain. 

Using defined procedures the Treatment guides you through these targets:

Target 1: Stop the spread
Target 2: Dry the pus heads
Target 3: Heal the lesions without scarring
Target 4: Eliminate the infection
Target 5: Stop re-infection

You need to be diligent, consistent and use common sense and you will win through. Molluscum contagiosum can be beaten ... and if you need help we are just an email away.

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32 Reviews

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    Excellent help for molluscum

    Posted by thankful mother on 7th Jan 2014

    I ordered this guide to help with my 7 year old's molluscum on her elbow. She had about 8 bumps there that had appeared earlier this year in the summer. At first I thought they were heat rash and I didn't do anything about them. When they got bigger, I took her to the doctor in the early fall, who identified them as molluscum and basically said, "don't worry, they are annoying but they will go away on their own, but it might take a year!" I wasn't happy about the idea of doing nothing. They seemed to be getting worse and now they were itchy. My daughter developed eczema around the bumps and her other elbow developed an itchy rash (it didn't look like molluscum but I was afraid that it would turn into it). At this point I ordered a product online, zymaderm, which seemed to work for lots of people. Unfortunately, it made my child's condition worse. Both elbows flared up as well as her torso with itchy eczema-like bumps while the molluscum looked angry and much worse. I stopped the zymaderm and looked online where I learned about apple cider vinegar. That night I poured half a small bottle of acv into her bath and gave her a good long soak. That calmed down her torso and the arm unaffected with molluscum. However, reading further into the online discussions about using acv to treat molluscum, I became confused by the various methods that were recommended. I wasn't sure if I should be giving her a bath after all, since that could potentially spread the virus to other parts of her body. This is when I came across this website and the method described in the guide. I purchased it and followed the treatment exactly for about one month. The results have been dramatic! Her arm is almost completely healed. There are faint spots where the bumps were, and the skin is still dry, but she is molluscum free! What I like about this guide is that it is concise and well-organized and lays out a procedure (as well as some alternatives) to follow to get results. Getting rid of molluscum is a lot of work, but I so wish I had read this guide earlier on. Thank you.

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    Molluscum Treat and Cure Guide so far is helping

    Posted by anonymous on 3rd Dec 2013

    My daughter has had molluscum for about a year. I tried lemon myrtle for 4 months after reading rave reviews on a supplier's website. It was not strong enough for my daughter's spots although she has less than ten. There may be more tiny ones that are yet to become more obvious yet. I found the ACV and other treatments advised in this treatment guide are making a difference to my daughter's spots and drawing the core out.

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    The best treatment for molluscum in children

    Posted by Jona on 13th Nov 2013

    I agree with many of the other comments. This is simply the best treatment for molluscum in children. I tried zymaderm, dermallay and others but none got rid of the molluscum. I then tried lemon myrtle oil, tea tree oil and peroxide. They had some effect but were very harsh.

    Even just apple cider vinegar by itself is inferior to the range of treatments provided in this guide. This really is the complete guide to treating molluscum. My family thanks you.

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    Thank you

    Posted by B. L. on 10th Nov 2013

    Just a short note to thank you for the advice you gave me. My baby girl had molluscum on her chest and one of her arms. I dabbed various ointments on them for weeks with little change. Your site gave me what I needed - good information and advice.

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    Great advice

    Posted by Silvia on 17th Aug 2013

    This Guide helped me no end in over coming molluscum. Not only was there information on the right treatments to follow. Also really useful advice on bathing and washing my children to avoid contagion.

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    A God send

    Posted by Eva S on 29th Jul 2013

    I watched my two children suffer with molluscum for months. I was so sad for them. The Treat & Cure Guide was a God send. Sensible advice and different treatments for old molluscums and for the new ones popping up. I wouldnt have been able to fix my kids without it.

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    The best guide available online

    Posted by Anne W on 14th Jul 2013

    There is so much information about MC out there and many different creams and treatments. This site gave me all I needed to cure MC. The treatment guide was easy to follow and I had my child's bumps under control in only a few weeks. Highly recommended.

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    It works

    Posted by Rudi M. on 8th Jul 2013

    My little boy caught molluscum at pre-school. We thought it was just a rash but it got worse and worse. After many months we took him to a medical specialist who suggested either minor surgery or just leave it and do nothing! ... and we paid her $200 for the advice.

    Then my daughter and baby son caught it as well. At a loss we did what everyone does and googled it. There were many sites offering different lotions and creams but little advice. Finally we found the Cure Molluscum website.

    Eight weeks later and my little boy is clear and happy again. And because we caught it early, my other two children's rash was cleared up in a few days.

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