Our treatment is the best treatment for molluscum in children.Molluscum is a terrible skin virus and children need a treatment specially designed for them. The treatment needs to minimize pain and be done with a minimum of fuss. 

If your little one has only just got molluscum, get working quickly. The quicker you control the spread of the skin rash the better for the child, for you, and the rest of the family. If your child has a lot of advanced molluscum bumps we provide you with the knowledge to halt the spread and repair the damage.

Firstly, children should stop having baths and shower instead. For babies, shorten the length of bathing and do not bath children together or in the same water. Do not share soap, towels, face cloths, or bath toys and don’t let your child scratch the molluscum bumps. Change and wash clothes and bed linen more often and improve general hygiene. Change bath towels daily.
Our "Treat & Cure Guide" gives you step by step instructions to treat molluscum with no need for expensive ointments or creams. The treatment uses commonly available, natural products to treat these highly contagious bumps. These products, include clove oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar (acv) to beat molluscum. They are all easy to apply and do not stain clothing or bedding. No medicine needs to be taken. 
Parents right now are using our "Treat & Cure Guide" to control this infection - see Children's Molluscum Treat & Cure Guide







Molluscum on children can be cured by home remedy treatment. It is the best treatment for molluscum in children. After treatment for molluscum contagiosum Molluscum on the thigh of a 14 month old baby Molluscum on the thigh of a 14 month old baby cured in days. Molluscum warts and eczema Molluscum contagiosum treatment cure


Testimonial"Finally, a method that works! My 7 year old had molluscum for many months. I had tried many methods but this guide worked the best. Once I started using these methods, the bumps started healing overnight and were completely gone in 2 weeks." Thankful mother


There is a treatment guide for Children and for Adults as well as a guide for the whole Family; view a sample extract here.


Molluscum contagiosum in children

In children molluscum bumps are most common on the torso, behind the knees, under the arms and in the armpit, although molluscum bumps can appear on all parts of children's bodies. The molluscum virus is also often associated with dermatitis skin rash.

Frequently mistaken for pimples or warts when they reach their pus head stage, molluscum starts as tiny white bumps which are difficult to see in normal light. Molluscum that has been scratched and become infected is also difficult to identify. See the Growth Stages section for more detail on how to recognize molluscum.

It is likely that your child has molluscum in different stages on different parts of their body. The first target is to stop the spread of the infection. Autoinfection (infecting yourself) and cross infection (infecting someone else) is a real problem with molluscum in children.

Different procedures are needed to target each stage, kill the virus and heal the lesions without the child suffering. The Children's Molluscum Treat & Cure Guide does just that.