Mollenol Sensitive

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Mollenol Sensitive lotion is 100% natural and gentle on healthy skin.

It has been formulated for children aged 2 years to 14 years and under and for sensitive areas on older children and adults for application on the face and "private parts". 

Mollenol Sensitive is derived from clove, coconut and sandalwood oil. It is all natural.

Mollenol Sensitive ships Worldwide in discreet packaging.

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3 Reviews

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    Huge relief!

    Posted by Nic on 13th Aug 2019

    Purchased this product after we were told my boy had it behind his knee and there was no cure just have to let the virus run it's course.. he was very itchy and sore.. it definitely helped clear things up.. we did end up having to use a steriod cream as well due to it getting a bit infected plus eczema. would definitely recommend again!

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    Got rid of it completely!

    Posted by anupama on 10th Aug 2019

    This helped get rid of my little one’s lesions completely in 2 weeks time of regular use. There are no residual scars.

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    Magic lotion

    Posted by Fiona B. on 10th Aug 2019

    This stuff is AMAZING. After pretty much a year of my son suffering from these horrible puss filled bumps that were really itchy and him constantly scratching making it worse and being told by 3 different Drs there is absolutely nothing that can be done and it will go in a few months which it wasn't and didn't look like it was any time soon. We started googling the condition and this ad came up for this product after reading all the other reviews we thought might as well give it a go as we had nothing to loose trying it. Our son had really bad arms and legs and honestly within just 2 weeks of putting this stuff on every night. All gone. We are so so grateful for this magic lotion we now have our happy little boy back. Thank you .

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