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For children still taking a bath


We have found that children with molluscum who are still taking baths the molluscum lesion frequently spreads to the buttocks. We believe this is because small amounts of molluscum virus are settling on the bottom of the bath and the child sits on top of it infecting the buttock area.

It is a good idea therefore to dry the bath well after use and to clean out the bath with apple cider vinegar before use.

Molluscum Treatment Guide extract

The Molluscum Treatment Guide for children will give you the tools you need to beat molluscum contagiosum.

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Molluscum Contagiosum Diagnostic Tool for Parents

The key features of Molluscum Contagiosum and methods for parents to diagnose their children with molluscum.pdf document

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​Scratched and inflamed

Scratched and inflamed, this boy suffered too long. The initial site of the molluscum contagiosum infection was the cluster on the right top of the image. The infection eventually covered both thighs, the groin, and genitals until the spread was arrested by our Treatment. Autoinfection (infecting yourself) is a real problem with molluscum if it [...]

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Cured by Treatment

After only one week of our Treatment the five year old child is clear of molluscum and associated eczema on this area of his body. Note the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (darker spots) where the molluscum lesions grew. This hyperpigmentation will fade with time.molluscum contagiosum pictures. 

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Child with molluscum

A five year old child with molluscum in various stages including pus head, scratched, and beginning stage plus associated eczema. Our Treatment dried out the pus headed molluscum in three days and removed all infection on this part of his body in one week.molluscum contagiosum pictures. 

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Avoid Soap Bars with Molluscum

A women with a small number of larger mollusca was undertaking our treatment for a period of 2 weeks. While larger mollusca were being reduced in size a large number of beginning stage mollusca were appearing. The women was showing classic auto-infection (self infecting) symptoms. Suggested Improvement: We uncovered that she was storing her soap in [...]

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How do I cure molluscum?

Treatment Advice

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